Considering doors replacement in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina & Saskatoon gives you a lot of benefits, such as reducing your energy bills, easy accessibility, safety, enhanced ventilation, and improved curb appeal.

Therefore, if your doors are not working as you expect them to, probably they are broken, rotting or damaged and the only thing you should think of is getting replacements. However, before embarking on any replacement activity, there are some essential things you should be aware of. And this comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision about doors replacement in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina & Saskatoon.

  1. Door Styles and Materials

There are three major types of exterior doors replacement. French doors, patio doors, and fiberglass composite doors are among them. All these door styles come in different materials, and you choose the one that suits your needs and weather.

  1. Entry Door Glass Options

There are many options that can serve as the primary point of your home. With doors replacement, a new fitting entry door can be this final component.

You can select from these designs and performances for your entry doors:

Decorative glass – Get handcrafted designs such as stained glass or beveled glass.

Obscure – They are available in different textures and transparency to enhance your privacy.

Impact resistant – To protect you from weather vagaries.

Grills – These are fitted in between the glass to boost on style and dimension. You can get the stained ones or the painted ones.

Sidelights – Full-length panels that you can install on one side or even two sides of the exterior window.

  1. Warranty

Before any doors replacement, you should take time and research what warranties are available. Inquire whether the company you intend to work with offer all or some of the following warranties:

Door labor warranty: 1year.

Door color warranty: 5 years.

Slab product warranty: 10 years.

Frame warranty: 20 years.

Glass warranty: 25 years.

  1. Maintenance Tips

To keep your exterior doors Calgary looking beautiful and operating well, you will have to take care of them well. Here are the practices you can do to keep your doors in shape:

Lubricating the hinges twice a month and spraying dry graphite on the lock mechanisms.

Cleaning the fiberglass and the wood doors with a soft cloth and soap or baby shampoo.

Regular inspection of the hinges and the screws. Replace the cracks and the patio rollers.

  1. Installation

Doors replacement in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina & Saskatoon is not a complicated task as long you get the right contractor, and you are aware of what needs to be done. What then should you know as a homeowner? Note that proper door installation will primarily depend on accurate measurements, properly fitted door jamb, and well-fitted weather-stripping and seal.


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