Discovering the Cost to Install a Window in an Existing WallWhen tackling a remodel project, you may encounter an undesirable obstacle of the cost to install a window in an existing wall. Whether you are putting a larger window into a smaller opening or combining two into one this is a project that requires skill and know-how. When you choose to do a remodel, window replacement is often one of the most sought after changes because they improve the appearance of a home, but they also improve the energy efficiency of a home. While this project can be a costly one, should you ever decide to sell your home the upgrades will increase the resale value of your home dramatically. There are also several options to consider when deciding exactly what you should use. Let’s explore the available options below.

  1. Double-hung: slide open from bottom as well as the top
  2. Single-hung: half of the window is immobile; only one half slides to open
  3. Sliding: move side to side on a track
  4. Bay: protrude out away from the home
  5. Casement: have side hinges and open out
  6. Picture: non-opening large panes of glass that are more for viewing and light infiltration
  7. Awning: open outward by hinges mounted at the top
  8. Transom: above doors or additional windows
  9. Stationary: fixed windows with panes of glass that do not open

Is It Worth the Effort and Money?

When you are doing a remodel the question you have to ask yourself is this. Is it worth the cost to add a window? Adding a window where there wasn’t one previously is a bit of a tedious process. There must be specific structures placed where the window will be placed and that requires a carpenter who is knowledgeable and thorough. There are ways to reduce your window replacement costs. One of the ways to do this is to use the existing window frames if possible. This way you will only need to replace the glass in your windows. Another way is to choose materials that are more reasonably priced and try to avoid extra expenditures. Finally, be sure to get several estimates. If the installers are qualified and stand behind their work, then you simply can’t go wrong with a more reasonably priced estimate. Unless you are certain of your abilities you should stay away from the DIY option. The reason being if you begin a job you are unable to complete a contractor may charge you more to fix the mess you have made than they would have initially charged to do the job. One reason for this is you would obviously at that point be more motivated to pay the cost to install a window in an existing wall with a giant hole in it.

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