When it comes time to choose new windows for your home, it’s more than just a matter of cost and aesthetic appeal. With so many styles of windows to choose from, including stylish awning and hopper window styles, Regina area homeowners may have trouble deciding what style of windows is best for their home.   

One of the factors to keep in mind when shopping for new windows Regina is the location and function. Obviously, you would not choose the same style of windows for your kitchen or bathroom as you would your bedroom or living room. For living rooms, one might go with a picture window for a grandiose view. While for your bathroom or kitchen, in which the windows might be harder to reach, you might want to go for hopper or awning style windows.

You might be wondering what is the difference between awning and hopper windows as they have a great many similarities. The following article will highlight the differences between these two window styles.

Differences Between Awning and Hopper Windows

Hopper Windows

  • Unlike awning windows, the sashes on hopper style windows are designed to open inward as opposed to outward.
  • Hopper windows are hinged at the top instead of the side, but are similar to casement windows.
  • Low maintenance, ease of operation and easy to clean.
  • Are often paired fixed windows
  • May be manufactured with a compression seal as opposed to weather stripping (they are typically not designed as such so this would be a custom feature and thus incur an extra cost)
  • Can latch automatically as they open upward.
  • Smaller than awning windows as they are manufactured with double panes.
  • Great source of sunlight and ventilation.

Awning Windows

  • Open outward as do casement windows. However, awning windows, similar to hopper windows, are hinged at the top rather than the side.
  • Sashes are designed so that awning windows open away from the home.
  • As they open outward and upward they prevent rain, sleet, snow, bugs, dirt and debris from entering your home
  • Are an excellent source of natural light and air flow.
  • Operate via a cranking mechanism.
  • Are designed with a compression seal for maximum energy efficiency
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Often paired with fixed windows

Awning windows are more popular than hopper windows in that they are more energy efficient and easier to operate. However, due to awning andhopper window sizes, they are both ideal for areas such as kitchens, basements, above countertops and closets and other hard-to-reach areas that may need a smaller window.

Custom designed features are available with both awning and hopper windows. Both are very aesthetically pleasing and can increase both your resale value and curb appeal. As well, both hopper and awning windows are highly energy efficient and can help reduce your energy costs.If you are still unsure whether awning or hopper windows are the best choice for your home renovations, contact the experts at WeatherPro Windows and Doors. We will provide you with a free in home estimate and consultation. Call us today to get started!


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