vinyl windows winnipegHave the windows at your home seen better days? Can you feel a draft when you sit down at your dining table to have your evening meal? Or perhaps you have ancient wooden frames that are in the process of rotting. Whatever the reason, if you are in the market for new windows, there are more possibilities than ever before and it’s important that you carefully consider what each one can offer you, and compare that against your own specific requirements before you come to a decision. Weather Pro Windows & Doors have been providing high quality windows in the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas for a number of years and we pride ourselves on delivering informative advice to prospective clients, in the hope that it will help them to make the right decision.

Vinyl windows are one of the most popular choices for new windows nowadays and offer a range of benefits that may be of interest to you. We are going to explain the main ones in this article.

What is Vinyl?

Before we start, what exactly is vinyl? To give it its full name, Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a type of advanced polymer that is used for a range of applications. In fact you have probably come across the term PVC fairly often, as it is so widely used, with millions of tonnes being used each year to create everything from patio furniture to pipes for plumbing.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Now you know what vinyl is, we will explain why it has become such a popular material for windows. If you have vinyl windows installed at your property, this is what you can expect.

Energy Efficiency

A home’s energy efficiency is becoming more and more important these days, as energy providers continue to increase their prices, resulting in a greater expenditure for the average homeowner each year. While you can’t do much about increasing prices, you can minimize your levels of consumption by ensuring that no energy is wasted in your home. Windows are one of the main culprits with regards to lost energy, and studies have shown that poorly insulated windows can result in you spending 10-25% more to heat and cool your property each year. Vinyl windows are a great solution to that problem, as they are well insulated, meaning your property retains heat in the winter and prevents hot air from entering your property in the summer.

Minimal Maintenance

In terms of the effort you need to put in to maintain vinyl windows and prolong their life, it is minimal compared to alternative types of windows. You won’t have to spend a weekend scraping, painting and applying a special treatment as you would have to do if you choose wood windows instead. The only task that you will have to carry out is cleaning, with a bucket of soapy water and a soft cloth the only “tools” that you will need.


As a fairly sizable investment, when buying a new set of windows, their likely lifespan is something that should be carefully considered along with the type of maintenance you will have to do. Vinyl windows are a particularly good option for Canadian homeowners, as they are renowned for resisting a wide range of weather conditions and aren’t susceptible to rust, warping, cracking and fading like aluminum and wood windows are.

Vast Amount of Choice

When selecting a new set of windows for your property it’s extremely important to select something that not only insulates the property efficiently, but also that fits in with your home’s existing decor — both inside and outside. With some other materials your options are rather limited, and if you are going for a specific look you might not be able to find what you want, but with vinyl windows that won’t be an issue. You can buy vinyl windows in almost every style imaginable, including double hung, single hung, bay, bow, casement, picture, sliding, and tilt-and-turn, among others. On top of that they can be molded to meet your specific requirements and can be produced in whatever color you desire, although you need to ensure you are 100% certain about the color choice, as they can’t be painted after they have been installed, so changing the color would require the purchase of new frames. If you like the appearance of wood windows, but don’t wish to carry out frequent maintenance, vinyl windows are now available in a range of wood finishes that closely mimic the appearance of real wood.

Favorable Prices

As one of the most important factors when weighing up a potential purchase, vinyl windows score favorably when it comes to price. They are cheaper than other types of windows to manufacture, which results in a lower cost to the end consumer. But that’s only part of the total cost. You don’t just need to buy the windows; you need them installed too. More good news, as vinyl are one of the easiest types of windows to install at a property, meaning the process requires less of a professional installer’s time, resulting in a lower price for you.

No Costly Modifications Required

As we just mentioned, vinyl windows are one of the easiest types to install, and don’t require modifications to be made to your walls to ensure a perfect fit. When working with a professional company like Weather Pro Windows & Doors, your window openings will be precisely measured before your new windows are produced, and then professionally fitted.

The Environmentally Friendly Choice

These days it’s more important to be environmentally aware than ever before, and vinyl windows beat all their rivals hands down on this score. Firstly, they will last longer than other options like wood or aluminum windows, and secondly, when it comes time to have them replaced, vinyl windows aren’t sent to a landfill site, as they can be recycled.
If you wish to learn more about vinyl windows, or would like to discuss other window options with one of our advisers, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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