Comparing Fiberglass and Vinyl Edmonton WindowsIt is no doubt that Edmonton windows are an essential component of your home. Windows play critical roles such as providing beauty, protection and making your home energy efficient. Therefore, as a homeowner, you should choose a window material that offers all of these benefits.

Window technology is growing, and there are now cutting-edge options for the Edmonton homeowners. There is a variety of things to look at when choosing new Edmonton windows, so it is essential to be aware of them before you make an important decision.

  1. Performance and Energy Efficiency

Many people have the notion that fiberglass is a more energy efficient choice. You will find most homes are installed with fiberglass windows. Can this imply that they are more energy efficient?

Though fiberglass is a good insulator, the window frames produced from fiberglass are less efficient than vinyl frames. In reality, vinyl windows present higher insulation as compared to fiberglass windows that sometimes may lead to air infiltration.

Also, fiberglass is prone to weakening over time as a result of tear and wear that usually develops near the corners. This has an impact on the structure of the window.

  1. Maintenance

It is the wish of every homeowner to reduce Edmonton windows maintenance as much as possible. When we compare fiberglass and vinyl window materials, vinyl materials need minimal maintenance.

Fiberglass materials are prone to cracks and require repainting often to keep them looking beautiful. Repainting can be costly, taking into account the hectic weather in Edmonton.

Vinyl windows were made for Edmonton. Their colors are baked in such a way that they will not fade over time. Painting your windows is not one of the things that you should be worried about when you install vinyl windows.

The only maintenance you will be worried about is good cleaning once in a while!

  1. Comparing Costs

The cost of replacing windows Edmonton is undeniably an essential factor to consider. Sometimes it is the primary factor that will make you go for one particular window material than the other.

Fiberglass windows are costlier than vinyl windows. They are one of the most expensive window materials you can find in the Edmonton market.

Also, when you consider maintenance of fiberglass windows, the cost will even triple that of vinyl windows.

That said, you are left with vinyl windows that are a more cost-effective choice merely because they are inexpensive and require minimal maintenance.

  1. The Looks

You will need to have the window design that will make your home as beautiful and appealing as possible. For the past few years, fiberglass was considered as the best option for offering beauty because they provide a more realistic wood appeal.

However, with the latest developments of vinyl windows, they can now look like wood. Now, vinyl windows take the lead concerning improving the looks of the home. Besides, they come in a variety of colors.