Windows and Doors in CalgaryThere are a number of commonly held misconceptions regarding replacement doors and windows for residential properties. If you would like to make sure you are not caught out by an ill-conceived notion passed on to you in good faith by others, read our short guide before you approach any local companies for a quotation.

Myths People Believe about Replacement Windows and Doors in Calgary

There are many misconceptions we could have included in our list but for the sake of brevity we have settled on the three myths that people seem most inclined to believe.

  1. uPVC is More Durable than Timber – uPVC units are low maintenance, attractive and competitively priced. High quality examples should last for many years. However, to state that they are more durable than wooden-framed windows is simply not true. When taken care of properly, a wood frame can literally last a thousand years! While uPVC or vinyl windows have not been around for anywhere near that length of time, nobody in their right mind believes they could match that level of performance.
  2. Replacement Windows Are Easy to Install – Some homeowners, particularly those who are DIY enthusiasts, believe they can save a great deal of money by installing replacement windows themselves. There may be a few, exceptionally skilled individuals who are capable of such a feat but in the main, the installation of replacement windows and doors in Calgary is a job best left to the professionals.
  3. Only Windows Matter as far as Heat Loss is Concerned – This is a big myth that leads many people to make bad choices when buying replacement doors. Believing it is only their windows that need to be of a sufficiently high quality to provide excellent insulation, some homeowners invest in low quality doors that do a bad job in the winter of keeping heat where it belongs: in the home. Even if you have a composite door, with no glass panes, you will still experience significant heat loss in the event it is badly fitted or manufactured from inferior materials.

We recommend keeping an open mind when buying new windows and doors in Calgary or any other part of Canada. Listen critically to professional advice then make up your own mind after careful consideration. For advice from the local experts, please feel free to call Weather Pro at any time or send us an email with any questions you may have.