Casement Window

Casement WindowThese stylish windows lend an air of elegance to any home, and they deliver the most unobstructed viewing areas, structural integrity and ventilation of any operating window. Each Diamond Series casement window is hinged so the sash opens a full 90º outward, to the right or left, in a swinging motion for maximum ventilation. For an especially charming, open-air atmosphere, select French casement windows.

Graceful styling and high-tech engineering make the casement window a popular choice. A contemporary classic, casement windows combine a versatile design together with a superior energy-efficient performance. Long a favorite among architects and homeowners, casement windows can be mulled together in a multitude of configurations for a traditional or clean, contemporary appearance.

For maximum security and ease of operation. All of our casement windows feature a multi-point locking system that locks your windows in multiple locations with the operation of a single locking handle. And the awning window is hinged at the top. check out our Double Hung window.

As casement windows are extremely versatile due to their unique style and design, they are one of the most popular choices for window replacement. They can be custom designed to fit into any home or office for a clean and polished look. This style of windows provides a magnificent view with its sleek structural design due to the beveled exterior window sashes.

Superior Window Design

Designed with sturdy hinges to provide multi-directional ventilation, casement windows Toronto are ideal for those areas that require substantial airflow. In addition, the window sash makes them easy to clean. As they open and close with a positive crank mechanism, they are extremely easy to operate. Designed with metal reinforcement that provides a multi-point locking system, they provide outstanding home security. If one is looking for a unique design, they can be manufactured in multiple light configurations within a solitary frame.

If there is some confusion as to what is a casement window, the following information will clarify the matter. WeatherPro Windows and Doors has a vast selection of casement windows with energy efficient features that will greatly boost both the curb appeal and market value of any home or office in the Greater Toronto Area. As they are highly cost-effective, they have become the forerunners in window design for those who are looking for the look improvement of their business or residence.

Outstanding Features of Casement Windows

Vinyl casement windows are the ideal choice for any home in the GTA as they have a multitude of features. Due to their superior and stylish design, they are an aesthetically appealing choice when combined with other styles of windows, such as bay or bow window designs.

For those rooms that demand a traditional style, casement windows can be equipped with multiple planes. Thereby, they are a superb source of natural light and will provide an unencumbered view of the great outdoors. Their exquisite contoured design will create the right balance of sash and sunlight.

Homeowners will not have to worry about adding black or white strips to the window frame due to the application of clean-glazing technology. This glazing allows for a sleek and flawless finish. Surprisingly, astute architectural mouldings are then applied to the top of the window glass for a sturdy yet soft interior. Designed to open at the angle of ninety degrees, they are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

Reasons Why Casement Windows are the Best Choice for Window Replacement

As with all of their products, WeatherPro Windows and Doors includes a limited lifetime warranty on the installation of casement windows. With years of experience, their professional contractors are proficient at installing high-quality and energy efficient windows and doors.

Casement windows are designed of lead-free high-grade premium materials. In this manner, they are resistant to radiation from high UV. As WeatherPro Windows and Doors uses high-quality vinyl on all of their casement windows, they are resistant to fading, warping, or rotting.

Both the sealants and joints on casement windows are designed to be airtight and watertight. This guarantees that they will last for many years and are highly energy efficient.

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Window Features

  • Fully welded frame and sash
  • Multi-point locking system with child-proof handles
  • Truth Maxim operating hardware for ease of operation
  • Full internal screen with high strength screen cloth
  • Double strength, hardened, 7/8” insulating glass with Duraseal warm edge spacer
  • Energy Star qualified with optional Low-E/Argon glazing
  • Double strength, hardened, 7/8” insulating glass with Super Spacer

Benefits with Foam Filled Frames

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