Why Buy Fibreglass Entry DoorsAt Weather Pro Windows & Doors we stand behind every product that we manufacture, sell, and install, and our fibreglass entry doors are no exception. All our products and services come with a comprehensive warranty, and our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. If you live in Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg and are looking for new fibreglass entry doors for your home or business, you have come to the right place.

Why do we recommend fibreglass doors so strongly to our customers? The answer is pretty simple: in the current industry and market, there is no other option that is more practical, durable, and cost-friendly. There are of course cheap, poor-quality fibreglass entry doors on the market, but avoid those at all costs. At Weather Pro Windows & Doors, you will get quality products that you can trust will last you for years and years.

The Advantages of Fibreglass Entry Doors

How do you go about the process of selecting the right exterior doors for your home? Their function, size, energy efficiency, your budget, and the materials available are just a few of the things that you need to consider.

A Wise Statement and Investment

  • The front entry doors that you select will make a lasting statement about your home. There is no better way to create an excellent first impression than to invest in beautiful, quality fibreglass doors that will warmly welcome visitors to your home.
  • As far as price goes, fibreglass doors are a very wise choice and are reasonably priced. Solid wood doors are often marked up, as they are prized for their natural beauty. While fibreglass doors compare favourably to wood doors in every practical aspect, fibreglass doors are still sold for a much more reasonable price. Further, although fibreglass doors do generally cost more than steel doors, they also last for a comparatively longer time, and thus are worth the extra cost.
  • Not only are fibreglass entry doors a shrewd investment, but just by having these doors in your home will add to your property’s overall value. If you do plan to sell at some point in the future, you should be able to recoup what you initially spent on your fibreglass doors. These doors will also definitely add to your curb appeal.

Practical advantages

  • Fibreglass entry doors are incredibly strong and hold up well against any type of forced entry. They are heavier than any interior doors, and usually have three hinges to add extra strength. In combination with deadbolt locks, installing a fibreglass door will help you sleep more peacefully at night. Only steel doors have higher security ratings than fibreglass doors.
  • In addition to their strength, fibreglass doors are incredibly durable. Because fibreglass doors are moulded rather than assembled like traditional wood doors are, they have no joints or veneers. This means that there are fewer points on fibreglass entry doors that may be vulnerable to the elements. Fibreglass doors, in effect, have a completely non-porous surface. The composite material, unlike wood, will never rot. Further, the surface of fibreglass doors hold up extremely well against any accidental marks or scratches; it is much more difficult to dent than wood.
  • In terms of energy efficiency, few materials can beat fibreglass doors. They are usually filled with a special type of insulating foam that greatly reduces any kind of thermal transfer. At Weather Pro Windows & Doors all our fibreglass doors meet or beat Energy Star standards. It is an easy way to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • The energy that you will save as a result of installing a fibreglass entry door makes it a very environmentally-friendly choice. Better still, you will immediately start saving yourself money on utility bills. Further, installing a fibreglass door may also allow you to qualify for a tax rebate from the government. Call your local tax authorities to inquire about this possibility.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Many people think that no material can ever match the earthy, natural beauty of real wood entry doors. Decades ago, this may have been the case. However, with today’s technology, fibreglass doors can accurately mimic the natural wood grain previously unmatched by any other material. No matter whether you want the look and feel of oak, mahogany, or cherry, you will be able to find the perfect fibreglass door.
  • Style-wise, you are guaranteed to find fibreglass doors that will match your personal sense of taste and design. Raised panels and detailed moulding are all standard features on fibreglass doors, just like you would find on regular wood doors. There are a huge variety of styles available, such as Craftsman, European, South Western, Modern, and Contemporary. Our talented professionals will work closely with you to find the entry doors that will perfectly suit and complement the beauty of your home.
  • In addition to all these aesthetic advantages to fibreglass entry doors, they also come with more customization options available to you. You may opt to have a decorative glass panel inset, for example; this is possible in a variety of different shapes. You may also opt to add a transom above your door. A transom is much like a window panel; it serves an aesthetic purpose and is designed to let extra light into your hallway. You could then take it a step further and add sidelights to your entry door; this will greatly enhance the elegance of your home’s entryway. If you do select any options that require the use of glass, rest assured that our glass options are impact-resistant and rated for their energy efficiency.

If you think that fibreglass doors are a good choice for you and your home, call Weather Pro Windows & Doors for a free consultation today. We will come to your home, examine your existing entry doors and door frames, and advise you on the best fibreglass replacement options available to you. If you are still unsure about fibreglass doors, consider some of the other options available; we also offer wrought iron doors and decorative glass doors.

Should you want quality from start to finish, Weather Pro Windows & Doors are the people to come to. Oftentimes, a good product can be compromised by a poor installation job. At Weather Pro we guarantee you a quality product, in combination with quality workmanship, installation, and customer service.

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