Part and parcel of building a home is making the challenging decision of what kinds of exterior doors you want to install. Selecting exterior doors is not just about looking at a bunch of doors, and then picking the one that catches your eye. You will have to, at the very least, consider your front door, your back door, and perhaps additional doors like ones leading to your patio. Additional concerns may arise. What size do I need? Which material should I use? Do we need storm doors?

If you are in the process of designing a new home, or if you are a homeowner who needs to get one or more exterior doors replaced, the professionals at Weather Pro Windows & Doors are the people you should talk to. We have served countless satisfied Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg customers over the years, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Weather Pro Windows & Doors always guarantees you top-quality products, at a fair price.

We are also committed to providing our clients with all the information that they need, in order to make solid decisions and investments. There are many important things to take into account when selecting exterior doors, and here are the top few that you should be aware of.

Choosing Exterior Doors That Fit Your Needs

How do you go about the process of selecting the right exterior doors for your home? Their function, size, energy efficiency, your budget, and the materials available are just a few of the things that you need to consider.


First of all, you cannot simply choose the same exterior doors to place all around the house. Different doors serve different functions. A front door, for example, tends to be more sheltered from the elements, due to it being protected by a porch, an awning, or something similar. Further, it is the door that serves as the first impression visitors will have of your home, and you will probably want to add some special element to lend character to your front door.

Back doors and patio doors, on the other hand, tend to be much more exposed to harsh weather, and this will need to factor into the decision that you make. They will need to be sturdier than front doors, made to withstand the elements well, and made to resist forced entry. In addition, patio doors need to be designed to provide good views and sight lines to the outdoors.

Door Frame Size

This small but crucial detail is one that homeowners tend to forget. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of purchasing new doors, but you must remember to measure up! If you are building a new home, be sure that your door frame will be able to accommodate standard-measurement doors. If you fail to pay attention to this, you may need to get a door custom-made. Further, be sure that you do not order a door, only to find out when it arrives that it simply does not fit your door frame. Some doors may be modified more easily than others, but in the ideal scenario, no modifications would be necessary.

Materials and Extras

As early on in the process as possible, find out what the difference in cost is between materials. In addition to the basic facts about materials, you will need to further consider design elements and other enhancements that may significantly affect how much your exterior door is going to cost. At the same time, consider the quality and energy-efficiency properties of the various materials. It is probably worth it to invest a little more now, to save you more money in the long run.

Your Budget

What is your budget? Be clear about this from the beginning, and then stick to the amount of money you were planning to spend. You may want to allow a little wiggle-room, and that may be necessary. However, what you definitely do not want is to spend a lot of time picking out your ideal exterior doors, only to realize after a while that they are simply out of your price range. Be smart about the process, and do not waste any time.

Energy Efficiency

Canadian government regulations do require that we produce, and that you purchase doors and windows that meet a minimum energy-efficiency standard. All exterior doors you are able to purchase from Weather Pro Windows & Doors meet or exceed these standards. There are of course different energy ratings on the various doors and materials that we have available, and you will have the opportunity to select the ones that make the most sense for your home.

Wood is a trustworthy material that provides good thermal insulation levels, while fiberglass and wrought iron doors generally come with an insulated core. When glass is incorporated as a design element, there are options such as low-e glass, and double- and triple-insulated glass that improve energy efficiency. The best choice for you would depend on what function the door is meant to serve, in combination with the technical and aesthetic qualities of the various door materials.


Exterior doors face, well, the exterior – and they are visible to anyone and everyone who will form a first impression of you and your home. You probably do not want to have to worry about keeping your doors in excellent shape; it may be easier to select a material that will require relatively minimal maintenance. As far as materials go, fiberglass and steel are very low maintenance. Wood is worth the investment for the beauty that it lends to your home, but wood doors will definitely require an additional level of care.

Weather Pro Windows & Doors

Remember that in addition to all the practical issues that need to be kept in mind, the exterior doors you select are also a strong reflection of your personal style and taste. Choose something with character to express your personality, and carefully consider all the elements we have just mentioned to identify your ideal door. At Weather Pro Windows & Doors we always put our clients first. Come to us for top quality service and for quality doors that will last.

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