Benefits Of Replacing Old Windows Edmonton To New OnesIt is well known that winters tend to be cold. The January temperature in Alberta averages between -16°C to -7°C.  Most people think about what is the cheapest and most efficient way to heat up the home, neglecting the heat isolation properties of their windows, thus, how much heat is lost through windows. Replacing windows before winter is beneficial in many ways. So, let’s see what good replacing windows can bring.

Mold and Mildew Development Reduction

It is the 21st century and as everything else; window’s standards have improved, too. So, standards are more demanding than before. The windows which have been mounted on houses several decades ago don’t meet today’s standards. Therefore, condensation appears which further cause mold and mildew all around the sashes and window frames.

There are numerous health issues connected with exposure to mold and mildew.  In the best-case scenario, you will just feel a bit more tired than usual. The worst that can happen are serious respiratory problems, but there are also some researchers that correlate mold and mildew with some types of cancer. These health problems will cause frequent visits to the doctor and thus, more money spent on what your regular health insurance doesn’t cover. Our recommendation is to think about replacing old windows with new ones, so you can avoid mold development. Doing this with Windows Edmonton replacement from Weather Pro Windows and Doors has a double benefit, first, you will maintain your health and second, you can save money by avoiding heat loss.

Window’s Security Properties

For a burglar, the security system is not much of a challenge if you have old windows. As a significant security risk, old windows can increase your homeowner’s insurance policy. Modern windows Edmonton will give you the opportunity to ask for the insurance policy discount and your belonging will be surely more secure.

Utility Cost Reduction

Your old windows probably served their purpose at their time, but after years of exposure to the elements, their protective properties weakened.  Many miniature cracks and gaps formed around frames and sashes over decades of usage. Neither sealing nor any other activity won’t keep cold air away, so automatically you will need to turn on heating more often in order to keep the temperature at the desired level. Getting new windows at this point is more of an investment than a plain waste of money. Soon after buying them you will discover that windows Edmonton designed glass to be more efficient against the cold. The reduction of utility costs emerges from the fact that your heating system will have to work less since the exchange of inside and outside temperatures will be put to a minimum.

If this article didn’t convince you enough that it is the time to change your old windows, then don’t hesitate and contact us on Weather Pro Windows and Doors website. There, you can get all the necessary information about how your old windows influence various segments of your home.