Are you looking to add some zing to your curb appeal? How about adding to the overall market value of your home? Have you considered installing a window grill on some of your windows to enhance the aesthetic of your home?

Window grills are those bars that are installed between windows Saskatoon panes to give the window a distinctive and classy look. They can make your home stand out from the rest of those in your neighborhood.

However, window grills have other benefits as well, and we shall discuss those in the following article.

Facts about Adding a Window Grill to Your Windows

Styles of Window Grills

One of the advantages of window grilles is that they come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be designed in metallic finishes as well or custom designed to match your existing windows and the style of your home. They can be flat, circular, or even designed with a protruding edge.

Window Grill Layouts

The most popular style of window grill layouts is Prairie and Colonial style. The Prairie style window grills are ideal for wide windows while Colonial window grills look especially nice on those windows that are tall and narrow. However, it is a matter of preference which window grill layout you choose for your home.

Things to Consider with Window Grills

The Window Grill May Not Stay in Place

One of the biggest concerns for homeowners with adding a window grill is that they do not always stay tightly and securely in place. In some cases, they may fall loose from the window pane due to shifting and settling of the window unit over time. However, this issue is covered under most warranties. The main issue is that there is no set way to repair a window grill, so in most cases, they need to be replaced.

It Might Be Hard to Match a Window Grill to Other Windows in Your Home

You might find it a challenge to get all of your window grills to match in aesthetic. As different windows have different shapes and sizes, you might be able to install the same window grill design on specific windows only. Moreover, certain grill styles may no longer be in stock. However, you can talk to your contractor and window supplier to make sure that your grills can have a similar design to the other window grills or windows in your Saskatoon area home. Some window companies can even custom design your window grills to ensure a perfect match!

Installing a Window Grill May Detract from the Energy Efficiency of Your Home
Some homeowners are not aware that adding a window grill makes the window unit less energy efficient. The window will take up a certain amount of space in the glass unit, therefore reducing the insulating property of the window. It can reduce the amount of natural light that warms your home. Furthermore, it makes your home more privy to heat loss than those windows without a window grill. However, you can solve this problem by adding low-E coatings to your window pane.

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