In Winnipeg, there is the law for all bedroom windows that are not an exit that is direct to meet fire code requirements. Any window that does not have a sprinkler must also meet the requirements. Bedroom windows must be able to be used as an exit during a fire emergency. These types of fire code windows are often referred to as egress because they meet the requirements for the window to be used as a point of exit in an emergency. Egress window size requirements include the windows being at least 3.8 feet in width and height.

Keeping Your Windows up to Code

These window requirements are put into law to help prevent casualties during a fire emergency. If your windows do not meet these requirements, you will need to have new windows installed in order for your home to be up to code. Window replacement cost can be expensive, to say the least, but the upgrades are needed in order to promote safety and to meet legal requirements.

Replacing Windows That Do Not Meet Egress Requirements

If your current windows need to be replaced, the most common concern is whether or not your current window size meets Egress requirements. If your windows are not large enough to accommodate the new windows, you do not have to worry. Cut downs can be made in order to meet the new requirements. A lot of companies do not offer cut downs because it is the kind of job that will require a permit.

Meeting Requirements with Bedroom Basement Windows

When it comes to basement windows, there are egress requirements as well. The requirements for basement windows are basically the same as for a bedroom window. However, there are a few more requirements for a basement window in order to meet egress window size requirements. Your basement windows may need to be enlarged in order to meet the legal requirements. This is not an easy task, and you will most definitely need to hire a contractor in order to have the job finished correctly.

Basement Window Size Egress Requirements

Basement window size requirements include the basics of a bedroom window. Basement window size requirements also must have a certain amount of clearance in front of the window in order to be up to code. The clearance area must be thirty inches at least. Often, basements are renovated to become bedrooms. Basement bedroom windows need the required clearance space as well as the required window size.

All in all, egress window size requirements in Canada are not hard to meet. Most new homes are already built to meet the requirements. Older homes may need a few adjustments in order to be up to date and safe. If you are looking for an ideal company to help you out with meeting window size requirements, Weather Pro Windows and Doors is the right company to get in touch with. Feel free to reach out and contact Weather Pro Windows and Doors to help you meet the legal requirements.


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