Most people are in agreement that replacement vinyl windows are a good investment for residential property owners in Calgary and the surrounding area but some homeowners are still of the opinion that the cost of having every window replaced is prohibitive as far as the average resident is concerned. While this may well be the case if you choose to do business with some of our competitors, we are pleased to be able to inform you that Weather Pro can replace all of your windows for a very affordable price. We have been active in the area for many years and are focused on providing local residents with a cost-effective, highly efficient replacement service that is second to none, in terms of both quality and affordability.

Window Replacement for Calgary Residents Who Demand Value for Money

What we offer local homeowners is the opportunity to upgrade existing window units without spending an absolute fortune in the process. We have streamlined our business processes to minimize our overheads and we pass on the savings that we make to our clients, in the form of lower prices. However, although our windows are among the most affordable you will find, they are also among the very best on the market:

  • Fabricated in Canada – All of the units that we supply and fit are fabricated right here in Canada so you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality. Although it is our aim to provide the best value for money as far as window replacement in Calgary is concerned, we did not want to do this at the expense of quality so we only deal with locally made units.
  • Energy Star Certified – We only supply and fit windows that are energy star certified for the local climate zone. What this means to you as a local homeowner is that you can be 100% sure your new windows will provide excellent insulation against the cold weather during the winter months, thereby helping to reduce your utility bills. Windows that are not certified or are certified for a milder climate may look similar but will not provide the same level of insulation.
  • Manufactured from Quality Materials and Components – Because they are made right here in Canada, you know that your new windows have been manufactured using the best materials and components available. If you deal with a company offering window replacement in Calgary that uses products from overseas, you may save a little money on initial installation costs but you could end up having to replace your windows sooner than would otherwise be the case, owing to the inferior quality of the materials and components from which they were fabricated.

As you can see, you will not have to make any sacrifices as far as quality is concerned when you take advantage of our local services. For further information regarding our window replacement Calgary service, please feel free to call or email us whenever you have a moment to spare.


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