Wooden windows have a visual appeal that’s hard to beat. That doesn’t really mean much, however, when you’re sitting in your home in December wearing two sweaters and a blanket around your legs because your charming wooden window frames have rotted away and are letting the arctic air have the run of the place. When it’s time to admit defeat and embrace efficiency and warmth you’ll want to consider all the great ways vinyl windows can add value to your property while saving you money and letting you return the sweaters to the drawer.

The Many Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have come a long way since their introduction 40-odd years ago. They’re not only the most efficient and easy to install windows on the market, they’re also an amazing value proposition and here are 7 examples why that’s true:

  1. Energy Efficiency – The number 1 reason for choosing this type of window is the savings you’ll see on your utility bills. Vinyl replacement windows seal up like Tupperware® and keep the heat and air conditioning on the right side of the window, reducing your energy costs significantly.
  2. Curb Value – When you choose the sleek, contemporary design of vinyl windows the visual appeal of your home will see an immediate boost as will resale value. Want to attract more prospective buyers? Want to command a higher sale price? Replace your leaky, peeling wooden windows with vinyl.
  3. Incredible ROI – Even if you’re not selling your home the immediate increase in property value you will enjoy could offset the cost of installing these windows by 70% or more. Factor in the amount you’ll save on energy and you could be looking at a 100% ROI in just a few short years.
  4. Improved Security – Wooden frame windows are an intruder’s delight that are teaming with exploitable cracks and are easily compromised. Vinyl replacement windows present an almost impregnable construction profile to a would-be thief, making your home considerably safer and, by extension, more valuable.
  5. Impressive Health Benefits – While cold air itself doesn’t cause illness it can make you more susceptible to the cold and flu by lowering your resistance. When you seal out the cold you sleep better, strengthen your immune system and save money on trips to the doctor.
  6. Durability – Vinyl replacement windows will stay snugly in place doing their job for years to come. So you’ll not only see energy savings and health benefits in the days following their installation but for the foreseeable future as well.
  7. Maintenance Free – Freedom from maintenance means freedom from maintenance costs. No more yearly painting of the window frames or replacing rotten elements. No more hiring someone to clean the outside of the 2nd story windows. Just flip them inwards and do it yourself.

Vinyl Windows will add value to your home in ways both obvious and subtle. The money you’ll save on related things like space heaters, window washers and health care costs are additional benefits that only strengthen the argument that these 21st century window solutions are the way to go for value-minded homeowners.

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