The Edmonton winters are harsh. It’s a time of year where we need all the home insulation we can get— and our windows are a huge part of that.

Well insulated windows can make the difference between a cosy winter indoors and a frosty one. So if your windows are in need of replacement, don’t wait for winter to strike.

Not convinced? Read on to find out why preparing for winter really is the smartest choice.

Why Replace Windows Before Winter?

The ideal time of year to get your windows Edmonton replaced is spring, early summer or fall. And we’ll explain why.

  • Better Caulk Adherence

Caulk is an integral part of a home’s insulation. Creating an airtight seal between the windows and wall, well-caulked windows keep the cold and moisture out. In winter though, the cold weather makes it very difficult for the caulk to adhere. Latex Caulk typically adheres in temperatures of 4 to 27 degrees Celsius. This means that a tight seal on your windows will be very difficult to accomplish in temperatures below that range. And in Edmonton, winter temperatures are more often below freezing than not.

  • Better Fitting Windows

Even window frame materials are susceptible to the cold and do not do well when fitted in winter. Some, particularly PVC and aluminum, contract in cold weather and expand in the heat. Fitting in winter increases the risk that they will expand in the summer, causing the caulk to crack and lose integrity. Meaning more costs and hassle for you.

  • Less Disruptive Fitting Period

Contractors will do their best to make window fitting as pain-free as possible, leaving as little of your home exposed to the elements as they can. But in the Edmonton winter, this is difficult to do. At minus temperatures, even if your home is only exposed for 30 minutes at a time per window, the accumulative heat loss will be much more severe than they would be in other seasons.

  • Increased Winter Comfort

Entering the winter months with new windows will make you feel like you’re living in a brand new home. Chances are, you’ll realise just how much temperature loss was occurring from your older windows. The insulation that newly fitted windows provide means that the warmth will be kept in, and the cold kept out, turning your home into a cosy winter haven.

  • Cut Your Bills

Of course, better insulation translates into increased savings for you! Changing your windows before the temperature begins to plummet will mean less money spent on heating your home as less heat escapes. If you know your windows are in need of replacement or repair then don’t wait until winter hits to take action.

So that’s our short manifesto for ensuring you replace your windows before winter sets in. We hope it’s helped you to plan your window replacements accordingly.

And of course, at Weather Pro Windows and Doors Edmonton, we’re always here to help. Why not give us a call today at 780-884-6772 to book your free in-home consultation?


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