Vinyl Window Replacement Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg

Vinyl Window Replacement Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipegin SaskatoonDifferent people in Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg decide to replace their windows for different reasons yet all understandably want more or less the same result: a home that’s more beautiful, more efficient and more structurally sound than before. In an environment as unforgiving as ours it’s only natural you’d want those things and vinyl window replacement Regina from Weather Pro can help you achieve your goals by providing the highest quality vinyl windows you’ll find anywhere. All of our vinyl windows have distinct advantages over supposedly comparable wooden or metal replacement windows including:

  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Superior energy savings
  • Measurable health benefits
  • Superior reliability and durability
  • Increased home value and curb appeal

Vinyl Window Replacement Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg. Why Choose Weather Pro?

The long list of benefits to be derived from vinyl replacement windows has led to an explosion in their popularity. Today, fifty percent of all replacement windows sold are vinyl and that percentage only continues to increase. At Weather Pro we’ve been champions of vinyl window replacement for years and we offer a huge selection of standard and custom-made vinyl windows to fit your every need.

When you choose vinyl windows from Weather Pro you are making an investment in the future of your home and family that will begin paying dividends almost immediately and keep on delivering as the years go by. All of our windows feature:

  • Heavy vinyl wall construction
  • Our energy saving, double or triple pane, clear or low-e glass.
  • Fusion welded corners and sashes – one of the clearest signs of quality construction
  • Revolutionary Super Spacer™ technology

Are Window Spacers Really That Important?

Without a doubt. A spacer is inserted between the layers of glass to separate and seal them against the elements and maintain a stable, dry environment between the panes. Poorly made or cheap metal spacers allow moisture to seep in over time compromising this environment. Since the space between the panes of glass is where the important work is done on multi-pane windows, to say the type of spacer used is crucial would be an understatement. Weather Pro windows are some of the only vinyl windows in the world to feature breakthrough Super Spacer™ technology designed specifically to:

  • Minimize heat transfer in or out
  • Have a superior U-Factor to most other windows
  • Eliminate condensation and mold that comes with it
  • Last years longer than windows using standard, metal spacers
  • Retain greater sound insulation capabilities than windows using metal spacers

With so many types and styles of replacement windows out there separating the wheat from the chaff can be an imposing task. Talk to the vinyl window replacement specialists at Weather Pro in Winnipeg, Edmonton or Calgary today to find out more about our complete line of vinyl windows and what they can do for you and your home. Remember also that when you purchase replacement windows from Weather Pro we do the installation too so you won’t have to worry about finding a reputable contractor. Isn’t it time you embraced the many advantages vinyl window replacement has to offer?

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