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Creating that perfect wrought iron design for you, doesn’t start in a glass workshop or on a welding table. It starts at your own house. We can come to your house, so you can tell us everything about the design, that you want.You can pick from all the different samples and catalogues, ask us everything, that You want to know about our designs and get professional advice on what would work best for your house. After all the details and elements of your insert have been figured out, we can start the production.First we make the iron grill. The modern wrought iron inserts are actually made out of steel. All the pieces are carefully bent, cut and welded together by professional blacksmiths with years of experience. After all the final touches are done, the finished iron grill is taken to a powder coating shop. Powder coating is a special method of metal painting, when paint is literally baked on the surface, which gives it a very even and durable finish. Once powder coating is finished our insert enters its final stage. Creating a sealed unit. check out our patio doors

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We are so pleased with the service, the product and how great our home looks, the staff was wonderful to work with – they were effective and efficient! Money well spent! Thank you!

Gino DeLuca from Edmonton

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