Multipoint Lock System

multipoint lock system Edmonton G.U-SECURY Automatic MultiPoint Lock

Our fiberglass door systems are secure and protected against warping with FERCO G.U-SECURY Automatic Multipoint Locking mechanism. FERCO 3-deadbolt locking system activates automatically. By simply closing the door the upper and lower 3/4″ (20mm) latches will instantly engage and become 2 additional deadbolts for maximum security. The door is locked when you simply turn the knob or key, engaging the 1″ central deadbolt. check out our Decorative Door designs


    • Safety door locks with 2 automatic deadbolts.

Locking: automatic

– By simple closing of the door, 2 deadbolting latches function as deadbolts which are locked against being pushed back.

– The deadbolt of the door lock produces a three point locking of the door.

– 20 mm throw of deadbolts and deadbolting latches.

Unlocking: manual

Unlocking is effected from outside by turning the key or from inside via turn handle.

Features and advantages:

  • Considerably improved protection against burglary.
  • Prevents the door from warping: when the door is closed, it is also locked at the same time.
  • VdS tested to safety class A.
  • Entrance doors with G.U-SECURY Automatic door locks are tested to ENV 1627 and rated WK 2 and WK 3.
  • The door locks are provided with a latch lever.
  • Reversible latch and deadbolting latches make the locks DIN lh and DIN rh usable.
  • The lock case is fully enclosed – dirt or other foreign bodies cannot obstruct the easy operation of the lock.
  • All openings in the lock case are provided with bushings – drilling swarf cannot fall in the drive mechanism.
  • The dimensions of the lock case and the additional locks correspond to the specifications of DIN 18251 part 3.
  • Complete range of proven G.U-SECURY accessories.
  • Suitable for timber, fiberglass, PVC and aluminium doors.
  • Optimum corrosion protection with hardware surface sealing ferGUard*silver.

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